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The museum owes its name to Angelo Maria Bandini (Florence, September 25, 1726 - Fiesole, August 10, 1803), a religious, librarian and collector of Italian art, but also a canon, scholar and bibliophile. Him know that in Italy was a librarian, first at the Marucelliana Library and then at the Laurentian Library in Florence, taking care of the latter, the monumental catalog of the Greek codes, Latin and Italian, to retire finally in the church of Sant'Ansano in Fiesole, where he died leaving his extraordinary collection to the Bishop and Chapter of Fiesole.

The construction of the building that still houses the Museo Bandini , was built in 1913 by architect Giuseppe Castellucci . The museum consists of two floors, the ground floor Della Robbia terracotta, including the effigy of the young man said Sant'Ansano by Andrea Della Robbia, fragments of ancient sculptures, marble reliefs and inlaid furniture.

The first exhibition of the museum dates back to the thirties and the last, after having provided several times to its reorganization and re-equipping, dates back to February 9, 2006. The museum holds what he picked up during the second half of the eighteenth century which is an important asset of works of art including paintings from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century and various polychrome terracotta of Della Robbia, organized and distributed on two levels.

In the halls of the first floor houses a valuable collection of works of primitive paintings that demonstrate the interest in the study and protection of medieval art, with works by Taddeo Gaddi, Nardo di Cione, Lorenzo Monaco Jacopo da Firenze . The continuous collection with paintings of the second half of the fourteenth century and that of the fifteenth century painters.

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