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If from Fiesole you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Florence , from Mount Ceceri, in addition to the unforgettable view of the city, you can look on prospicente valley, where they are still located Cave of Maiano. To understand why the name of this Poggio as "Monte Ceceri" we must return to the prose writers of the thirteenth and fourteenth century Florentine they called the Swan as "Cecero" or "Pete": bird named for its "beak" ( rostrum ie beak ), with a sort of large black prospicenza as a cherry assumed that, for the time hunters, the appearance of a "bullet" called "Cece." the Monte Swan has been known since the Etruscan and Roman, as a stone quarry (sandstone rock from gray-blue), used for the construction of still visible architectural structures, such as the Roman Theatre, the Etruscan tombs and the Badia Fiesolana. Just with stone extracted from these quarries, some of the greatest Florentine masters, carried out important notes and architectural constructions, we speak of Benvenuto Cellini , of Michelangelo , of Giorgio Vasari and even of Brunelleschi . With certainty we know that Bartolomeo Ammannati has realized the interior staircase of the Central National Library of Florence, of Cosimo II, just using this particular stone.

The whole area has an overall extension of 44 hectares and reaches the top at a height of 415 meters, from the middle of 2001 became Park-historical-natural and "open-air" museum of stone, obtaining legal recognition by the Tuscany Region, the Natural Protected Area of Interest. The park consists of more than 19 quarries scattered around (Cava Braschi, Canara, Righi and Tailors among the most important), also with examples of "Latomia" (also called hollow "stuck" or "sting") and "Cut" unfortunately today no longer visited. The Monte Ceceri Park still is the place / school or "official shop" for training of local workers and is a great attraction of the Fiesole territory from a point of view and scenic natural landscape, offering guests equipped areas for parking . The area is also organized on the basis of pedestrian routes that go through the beautiful surrounding countryside, some of which calls: Concerning Flight , A terrace overlooking Florence, The quarries Stonemasons and Breathe the forest. There are also hiking trails with signs of the paths of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club).

Curiosity : In 1506, just a Monte Ceceri came a revolutionary experiment: Flight testing of the machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci . According to this legend, the "pilot" Tommaso Masini da Peretola, said Zoroaster, glided on the sky of Florence for more than 1000 meters "just like a bird", landing abruptly in the locality Camerata, situated between Florence and Fiesole. The flight prophecy was given by Leonardo himself inside the back cover of the " Codex on the Flight of Birds ", written around 1505 and now in the Royal Library of Turin. Leonardo always, in designing the packages present in the north of Florence, in the sheet 20v of Madrid Ms. II, reported the name of Fiesole and Monte Morello Montececeri.

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