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Fiesole is situated on a hill, just where once stood the acropolis of an ancient Etruscan and Roman town, where in 1125 the Florentines destroyed the medieval fortress.

Various sources tell us that in 1220, in this place, the Portigiani family built a chapel beside that of a Florentine benefactor (such Guglielmo Chickens), an oratory was built for Augustinian nuns to which, in 1339, was added a chapel dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore by Lapo of William Pellini.

In 1399 the monastery was donated to the Franciscan Friars Observant who expanded the original building, bringing it to its current size, thanks to donations from a Florentine nobleman, Guido del Palagio , he did donate its assets to the construction of this work.

The monastery complex includes: the Church, the three cloisters (large cloister, intermediate and small), the cells of the monks (some are still visible) and the premises occupied by the small Ethnographic Missionary Museum consists of three sections: Etruscan, Egyptian and Chinese.

In 1649 it was erected the Study of Theology General, who remained active throughout 1700.

In addition, the Library of the Convent of St. Francis is still available and remains one of the most equipped in Italy with regard to the Patristic and Patrology.

In the early 1900s it was realized some works to the Convent with the construction Provincial Infirmary, where even today the friars elderly and the sick can receive attention and care in a serene atmosphere of brotherhood and prayer, under the supervision of medical personnel and assistance spiritual of the younger friars.

For information and visits contact the Reception.

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