La via degli Dei

"La via degli Dei" is a path rebuilt starting from the 90s during archaeological excavations that crosses numerous places of naturalistic and landscape interest, in some points the paths pass right on the ancient road pavements still surviving after 2000 years of history.

The road retraces the paths used in the Middle Ages and even earlier by the Romans and Etruscans as a link between Bologna and Fiesole, both cities of Etruscan foundation.

The name "Via degli Dei" derives from the various localities and mountains that are crossed along the way such as Monte Adone, Monte Luario (the goddess of the Moon), Monzuno (which derives from "Monte di Giove") and Monte Venere.

The territory of the Via degli Dei has traditionally been a land of hospitality since ancient times, where travelers crossed the Apennines to reach the cities of Emilia and Tuscany. The Via degli Dei is not just a trek, it is also a journey in a territory that has incredible hidden excellences that will make this experience unique and unforgettable.

Although the center of Fiesole is small, it is well equipped to welcome travellers, you will find a small supermarket, various bars, a pastry shop, a baker, various restaurants, two banks, the post office, a stationery shop, a hairdresser, a shoemaker and various local crafts

By staying at the Residence Fiesole you can also receive a stamp on your Credential. The Credential is the "passport" of the journey: along your journey you will find in each affiliated facility the personalized stamp with which you will have to fill in the Credential, as proof and reminder of the journey you have made.

After registering and stamping the credential in the participating establishments, go to one of the collection points and show your Credential, you just need 5 stamps (if you traveled it on foot) or 3 (if you traveled it by mtb) to receive the official and exclusive gadget!

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